david sorrell

david was born on the small island of s____. he was fed and grew, but slower than everyone else. david wrote on the living room walls when he was young and on the inside of his skull later on. david takes horrible photos and is hurt when you don't like them. he sings, he yells at people from behind the small strip of blue tinting on his car's windshield. he plays tennis with a western grip. he has done very disrespectful things on the steps of a buddhist temple and has desecrated a bible or 3. david likes you when you meet him, but will probably grow jealous of your accomplishments and good looks. he's ginger. he has crooked fingers. he will eat peanut butter directly from the jar, but will have an upset stomach later on. the upset stomach is a relatively recent development. david thinks that he has at least driven through every state in the union (with the exception of Alaska), but may have included North Dakota accidentally. david is 5 foot nine and requests to be 5 eleven. david is tired. david will sleep with the fog folding in through his window, the stars needling him through the screen, Banda music pumping its tuba heart a few blocks away.

photo by Jeff Nakahara

michael's nervous at Edinburgh Castle, SF

reading at Babylon Salon, SF

portrait by  Jeff Nakahara

portrait by Jeff Nakahara