This time, this me.

It’s two and a half minutes past 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 9, 2015. And if it’s true that all of the cells in your body are refreshed after every 7 years of life, I am nearing the end of the 6th version of me. In a few years I’ll be David 7.0. 

Time has carved it’s hash marks into my skin, around my eyes. My bright red hair is going dull and thin and, in some places, gave up completely to gray. But these chips and scrapes and scars also mark the milestones. I have tried to take traits from the people I admire. The easy-going attitude of Seth McEwen, the open-mindedness from my parents, the need to find the correct words from Tom Rabbitt. I lift these things onto myself, I try to carry them all the time. i don’t always succeed but when I do, maybe carrying them helps make me a bit stronger. Ignoring the things that are right is easy and tempting and David 3.0 didn’t care to take on more than what effected him. But now, it’s two and a half minutes after 4. It’s time to carry the heavy things, it’s time to take their weight.