shoreline skatepark

Night Skates with Brandon Nguyen.

We've unintentionally been doing a tour of skates spots in San Mateo county. 

It started out in El Granada / Half Moon Bay along Highway 1. After Brandon told me about it, I read an article about the project to put a skate ramp in a dusty squarish piece of ground, right off the highway that probably serves as parking for when Mavericks is running. In some of the shots that I posted earlier, you can see the giant radar "golf ball" that dominates the point, off of which, when a big storm rages in the Pacific, the Mavericks waves are pushed 30, 40, sometimes 60 feet high by the reef below. Kind of a fitting for the wave of half-pipe.

But if I back up a little further, I met Brandon when he set up the skate board I bought last summer? The summer before? I'm not actually sure. He knows Kay, so he gave me a discount on the board which fits in so well with his personality. Really nice even if you barely know him, really patient with stupid questions, really willing to let me fumble around with my camera as he skates the shit out of wherever we are. He lets me know where to be to get the good skate shot, he tells me the names of the tricks which sound like they're spoken in a language that would have been developed  by the lost British boys in Lord of the Flies. Fakie, ollie, 50-50 grind, feeble, kick-flip, backside air.

So, of course, he was gracious enough to indulge me when I had an idea for a cool skate shot. A shot I have yet to get, by the way. I tried that first evening in Half Moon Bay, and failed.

After that I basically asked him to give me a heads up if he's skating in the area and he always does. And those are the photos below. First at the Foster City skatepark, then over at Shoreview.

We also always seem to shoot the shit a lot while we're doing this. Probably because I'm jealous of his life and want to know all the little details of what it's like to be a skater. This sometimes is hindered by the fact that I don't want to sound like a little high school nerd asking the popular cool kid dumb questions. Who wants to look dumb in front of the cool kid?

Anyway, was an awesome pleasure to get to shoot and to hang out with Brandon over the last few months. He's headed to on a trip to go skate the castles of Japan for November. Hopefully we'll get to try and take the shot I want when he gets back. And he's not really skating the castles of Japan, just skating in Japan. Or maybe he is... I have no idea. That would actually be really cool if he was.

And a few nights later, Shoreview Skatepark.

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