Story beginning

“Do you think you’ll go to New York for the funeral?”

“I’m actually not sure… There’s supposed to be a memorial service out here somewhere for all his California friends and family. I think his mom is actually coming out for that.” I caught myself staring at a spider that was in a corner of the room, pulled in to itself as if it were cold. He would have wanted me to kill that for him.

“Will it be weird?”

“Yeah, it will probably be weird.” 

“I mean, your relationship was not the most… conventional?”

“What relationship? We were just friends.” Felt like I said that a bit too vehemently.

“A friendship is a relationship,” Keith said quietly, turning to pick up his iPad from the coffee table and absently swipe through a few pages of Home and Garden.

“I know. I didn’t mean…” The whole situation was weird. No one I’ve really known has died before. The spider was tentatively extending two of his front-most legs.

“Have you met any of his family?”

“No.” And fuck him for that.