Early morning landscapes, butts in the homemade studio.

Alfonso is learning about his new Canon Rebel. It is challenging explaining ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed, the uses, advantages, disadvantages of each setting. It can get confusing. But taking photos helps demonstrate. So we got up early to see if we could get some cool shots of the fog and mist burning off Crystal Springs.

Later on I hung (hanged?) my wrinkly sheet next to my light-box of a living room window and took some shots of Kay. Really love the light my shoji screens create. I added some Philips Hue lights behind the screens so I can create any kind of light I want at night. With the early dark of winter, we've been enjoying the perpetual sunset configuration I set up. Used natural light for these shots though.

We drove up to the top of Skyline and got a couple shots of San Francisco and the Pacific.