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Dance, dance, dance...

Recorded this a few months ago, a cover of Lykke Li's Dance, Dance, Dance. Just found it again buried in some Garageband files. Figured since I don't have anything else to post... [creative slump]


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A New Song by David? You know you want it.

The way I see the video... probably blurred around the edges of the frame. A lonely guy sits looking out a window, rain running like tears down the glass... then a cat meows and farts at the same time.

This is a second draft and will hopefully be digested through the musical mind that is Jeff Nakahara before it is finished, but here it is now.I think it's called, The Wince, The Pull. But maybe it isn't.

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A Break from the Moto Posts

Had to post this before going down to Laguna Seca tomorrow for MotoGP. My sis and family are in town this week and we just had my niece, Emily, over to record some songs. Here she is singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles, but more in the style of how it was sung in the movie Across the Universe. Jeff is playing the guitar and I was just recording boy on this one. Sorry for any dog barks you hear in the background. Damn neighbors.


This next one is comedy. We're trying to sing Falling Slowly from the Once soundtrack. As Emily pointed out it should be Failing Slowly. Sorry Glen Hansard for destroying your song. I'm all over the shop on this one while Emily keeps a nice even keel. All talking and laughing left in for that Behind the Music feel. Enjoy:



I was wandering around my iTunes library, trying to put together a mix of music I've been listening to recently (that is a separate post though), when I came across this little gem. I remember throwing it together one day during the times of michael's nervous. I don't believe we ever got around to practicing it much less, putting it in a set. I thought it was pretty funny and that I would share it. I really like the first verse though.


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Hell If I Can

That's the working title of whatever this is. Another song rough draft? Again, recorded through the computer's internal microphone and in about 5 mins from, oh-that's-a-cool-progression-and-melody to hitting the record button. I might be even beginning to like the weird, atmospheric grind and shhh of the computer's hard drive and fans that the mic pics up. Is the song something? You can tell me if it sucks.



I was playing my guitar this morning (stupid, dreaded 12-9 shift) and kind of put together a chord progression and a melody that I liked. I forget these things almost immediately so if I don't record them in some way, they're gone. And since my iPhone crapped out in the middle of the night (every time I tried to open an installed app it just immediately crashed), I had to go to the the MacBook Pro and GarageBand. Usually I'll set up my studio mic etc., but I just wanted to get this down. So this is a fast, make-up the lyrics as you go, recording through the MBP's internal mic. You can hear all the mistakes, me laughing about the mistakes, and even the ticking of the hard drive on this recording. Why would you want to hear all that? Schadenfreude? Or maybe you like the progression of things. I'll work on this song, actually write lyrics for it, record it properly and post it again. Maybe there will even be a difference in the two recordings.


iPhone is still cool

So I was playing around with the voice memo app on the iPhone today and thought I'd see how well it recorded a song. I have the 4 Track app, but sometimes even that takes too much set up. Anyway, recorded one of my old songs and then put it in Garageband and slapped a recording I took of some rain tapping on our tin roof carport. I think it worked pretty well for what it is. Took all of 10 mins. and I guess that was my main purpose, recording something quick so you don't lose an idea. You can be the judge.


Heart of Gold

Neil Young comes into our store a lot. I sold him an iPod one day. He's very on the DL with his mirrored sunglasses, ratty flannel shirts, beat up boots and chewed on hat, so I don't like to bug him, but how cool is that? Neil freakin' Young. Well here's my Neil Young cover. It's a fun song to sing with its high Neil Young voice and I'm sure all my young Apple friends will enjoy the "I'm getting old" line in the chorus. Yes, I am. But I'm still cooler than you. Or not.


Charlie Darwin

I'm not sure you're supposed to do this, but that seems to rarely matter to me. Anyway, one of my favorite (if not number one) songs from last year, Charlie Darwin, by The Low Anthem, covered by me. Of course I don't do it justice, and you should probably listen with headphones, one: because I apparently have no idea how to mix with monitors and two: because then you won't have to subject anyone else to such caterwauling. Here it is.