Abstractions and Mount Davidson

I'm not one to make abstract images normally, but I feel like these have enough reality in them to free me up a little, if that makes sense. I usually let the subject or the light determine the mood of a photograph, determine the feeling. I manipulate with composition and maybe some editing, but usually I'm making the photo because something is evoked already.

The other night Kay and I decided to have a small midnight adventure and drove out to Cañada road and then walked over the pedestrian/bike bridge that arches over 280 right at 92. It was a beautiful, misty night. No one was around except the cars exhaling down the freeway.

I started taking some long exposures. Some of them were really cool, through the chain-link fence that encompasses the bridge. And of course, I love the cars painting their headlights and taillights down the freeway.

But it was when I started walking, with the shutter open that some really eerie/beautiful images started coming. It was really immediate the reaction I had to these images. The two included in this post I love because you can see the bits of the real world, the road, the sky, a fence, a tower for power lines, just hints. And then the jagged strings of lights... Anyway, hope you dig them too.

Below those are a few images from today's hike up Mount Davidson in San Francisco. I really like it up there. While no fog was swirling in like it usually does in the mid to late afternoons, it also has an eerie/beautifulness to it.

From up on Mount Davidson.

From up on Mount Davidson.