A Break from the Moto Posts

Had to post this before going down to Laguna Seca tomorrow for MotoGP. My sis and family are in town this week and we just had my niece, Emily, over to record some songs. Here she is singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles, but more in the style of how it was sung in the movie Across the Universe. Jeff is playing the guitar and I was just recording boy on this one. Sorry for any dog barks you hear in the background. Damn neighbors.


This next one is comedy. We're trying to sing Falling Slowly from the Once soundtrack. As Emily pointed out it should be Failing Slowly. Sorry Glen Hansard for destroying your song. I'm all over the shop on this one while Emily keeps a nice even keel. All talking and laughing left in for that Behind the Music feel. Enjoy:


Big, Fat Moto Post - Part 1

What? I take a lot of photos of my motorcycle? I know. What can I say? Yesterday I washed my bike and it looked really... well, clean. So I thought I'd take photos of all its good and bad parts and all the mods I've done to it for the definitive post on all I've done to my bike, give it its history, the low down, the full poop. Here it is:

I bought my bike on September 26th, 2008, I think it was the 26th. I bought it from a guy who lives just on the other side of Golden Gate park in San Francisco. Let me back up a little more...

Most of my life I've had in the back of my head that I wanted to have a motorcycle, or at least know how to ride one. Probably started back when I was nine or ten years old and my brother, nine years older than I am, took me for a ride on his motorcycle:

I've talked about that ride before and posted about my brother riding his moto in an earlier post titled Motorcycle Wave. But I never thought I was either tough enough or cool enough or something enough to learn to ride through high school and college. Then this other thing started to get at me. It still does a little, even though I ride a motorcycle. I don't like people who ride motorcycles. Seems like the guys on Harley's are trying real hard to be... I don't even know, but it wasn't me. And the guys on sport bikes were just pills. That's when I started thinking I need something old or retro or Steve McQueen-esque, the Nazi bike he road in The Great Escape. Of course, now those bikes have become hipster and douchey too. All of this is just me. I like certain aspects of all those bikes. Maybe it was an excuse not to get off my ass and ride...

When I first moved to California and I was working for The Gap, I started in the mail room in the San Bruno offices and another of the guys who went to college (there were 2 of us) had a Ninja. I think this was before helmet laws in California. I moved to CA in 1991 and the law passed in 1992. I just looked it up. He took me for an incredibly fast ride up and down the streets around the office buildings. Even though he warned he was about to pull a wheelie, it both freaked me out and pumped me up. Without the helmet it was both dangerous and fucking awesome.

Still I didn't go get a license or bike.

Fast forward to May-ish of 2008 and my friend Sean bringing it up again. All it takes is a partner in crime, or someone in the same place at the same time and before I knew it I had signed up for the class and in July had a moto license. I knew if I didn't hurry to get a bike soon, I never would. I sold some stock and that takes us back up to where I started this post. [to be continued...]

Video Weekend

A well documented moto ride on Friday and Kate and Alex's party on Sunday. The stills from the moto ride I posted, but here's video from both my camera (mounted on the front of my bike) and Sean's camera (mounted on the back of his bike) so you have FULL COVERAGE! Sean chose Imperial Teen for his soundtrack, so I kept it going. Forgot how much I love them. And then, the Fourth of July Picnic/Party video, some of which you've seen in an excerpt (Liberty of Jaimé). Good times.

Sean's camera and better editing skillz:


My camera:


And the party shot and edited all on the iPhone 4: