Gun Toting, Machete Wielding, Gap-toothed Killa!

Here are some shots from an art school project of Jeff's. I am the pro model here as you can see me getting deep into character. I believe in this scene I had just hacked up a loved one and proceed to blow my brains out with the gun. I thought the shot of me with the gun in my mouth was just too... well, you know, so I didn't post it, but whatever we were using for blood looks awesome on that machete. And no, I have no idea where we got the machete. The gun? Yeah, I know where we got that. The missing tooth is seaweed (one of Jeff's favorite gags) and the clothes are just me and my white trashiness. My jeans are pegged in these photos, but the close-up reveals just how good I was at doing that, so that too shall not be posted. Enjoy!