Do me a favor if you are able. Pull out your headphones, plug them in and take a 3 minute and 39 second break from the world you're in at the moment.

This is a song that I posted a few weeks ago and I wrote that I wanted to take it and run it through Jeff's head (I picture feeding a sterile piece of brown audio tape into one of Jeff's ears and it coming out the other end all cut into intricate shapes, colorful, birds flitting around it, draping it with ribbons and Skittles).

Well, here is the result and this is why I love this guy (well, this and because he's a nice person too). And if you really want to get the whole experience, go back to the previous post and listen to the first version of the song, then come back and listen to this. Really not necessary though.

He has taken this crust of planet song and not only given it its atmosphere replete with meteors skipping and sparking across its surface, but he has also given it its rumble underneath, its magma moving, its tectonics humming and buzzing. It really is awesome.

If you close your eyes as you listen, put yourself in a field, on your back, looking at a warm night sky while the person you're with slowly slips away from you, I think you're there. Or go wherever you want. Because this song will let you move around it now. You can walk on it and swim in it. He's given it its stuff.

Hope you dig it.

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