Just watched the Indian F1 race where they started with a moment of silence for Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli. I haven't been following Indy Car so don't know much about Dan Wheldon, but bummed about Simoncelli.

Makes it hard to believe these guys can get back in their cars and on their bikes after things like that happen. Especially since these guys die so publicly and, with the moto deaths, so... I guess the word is obviously. Meaning you can see exactly what happens. Not to be morbid, but those moto crashes are disturbing.

The most heart-wrenching shot from the MotoGP race is Colin Edwards kneeling in the grass, pretty badly injured himself, looking back at Simoncelli on the track. You can't see his face behind his helmet, but the body language tells a lot.

I'm not usually one to get worked up about celebrity deaths, but like I said, these are just so... public.

Here are some photos I took of Simoncelli from the last two years at Laguna Seca.