Jimmy Gets Full Credit for this Post...

...because he'd be all nuts if I posted a song that he sent me a while ago and I didn't get into until later and then posted it on my blog. He'd be all, "I sent that song to you a long time ago." And I'd say, "Well, I just don't remember it from that time. Did you send it to me with a bunch of other songs that sound similar and I got lulled out of listening to the mix and I zoned out writing a blog post or editing photos or picking my nose or looking at porn in another window?" Of course, he would only know the answers to some of those questions but he would say, "No, I sent it by itself and you said it sounded like a 'Jimmy' song. So, fuck you for liking it now."

What can I say? I'm notorious for finding songs later, when either I revisit them in a shuffle of iPhone songs on a bike ride or in the back room at the store when Jimmy plays them. What can I say? I'm a second or third listen kind of guy sometimes. Dave Dworak says I hated Imperial Teen when he first played them for me... I probably did. This is no longer the case. But I do still contend that Bright Eyes was not good until "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning."

All this to say, I like the self titled, Avi Buffalo album that came out in April. Here's "What's In It For?"

[audio http://dhsorrell.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/02-whats-in-it-for_.mp3]

I also like the album artwork.