So You Think You Can Dance

So I was watching So You Think You Can Dance last night, partly too lazy to change the channel and partly because I like it. But I need some dance person to explain contemporary dance to me. I hate it. It looks spastic and as if people are making mistakes all over the place (in general, sometimes I see cool stuff). And last night they had this piece that one of the choreographers did about his mother's battle with breast cancer. The judges loved it. I was cringing at how horrible it was. The aspect that I found most ridiculous was the lack of subtlety in the piece. The constant clutching of the breast so we all knew it was breast cancer that the dancer was struggling from, then there was the "breast cancer dancer" standing on the dancer who represented the son's feet so he could help her walk to signify him helping her through this.

Now I'm all for emotion in art. In fact, I am not a fan of art that is all about stimulating your brain, I want my heart strings tugged. But there is a fine line that you walk. You can't smack me in the face with the emotion. That's just melodrama. This piece lacked all subtlety. It was a made for tv movie. It was a soap opera.

Please artists, in whatever mode of expression you use, don't smack me in the face with your tears. Draw your tears out of me.

I started this post a a while ago and then my lunch break finished and I forgot to come back and post it. So here it is, a couple weeks late.