Photos from a Birthday

While the breakfast ride to Alice's didn't work out as well as planned, still had a great day and a great ride. It started with Erik, Rob, Sean and I meeting up at Peet's for the planned ride to breakfast. Time started getting a little tight for everyone and with thick fog sticking to Skyline Blvd. like mold, we decided to stay below it all and take Cañada Road over to eat at Buck's in Woodside. Not really any twists along this route, but still a great road along the reservoir and the farther south we went, the more the fog broke up above us. The sky was beautiful really, wisps of fog, higher puffy clouds above, the blue breaking through all over.

So we had breakfast among the memorabilia that decorates Buck's. The Ron and Nancy Regan slippers stared at us from behind a glass case at our booth and a mural with George Lucas square dancing adorned one of the walls. It was only slightly creepy, but the food was decent. Erik and Rob had to get back so Sean and I continued the ride on our own. I don't think I've ever spent as long in the twisties as we did today. My butt is not happy with me. It was a little damp in places, but most of the curves had dried out and we could dig down deep into them. Have I said how much I love riding my bike? We took a different route up Alpine Road. Pretty narrow and bumpy, but I'm starting to really like roads like that. I start feeling like I'm on a dirt bike and I get up on the pegs and push my bike around trying to avoid the deepest ruts and bumps, but it's just as fun hitting them.

We stopped briefly at the Pescadero Art and Fun Fest. Seems like what Burlingame does twice a week. While the one in Burlingame gives me gas, this one was homier and quaint. The band was rocking out and I had a random michael's nervous sticker sighting. Our former bassist lives out in Pescadero. Saw his truck with the aforementioned sticker, but didn't see him. Pretty funny seeing that sticker out in the wild though.

After the ride I headed down to Bud and Donna's for a bbq and saying adios to Lindsay as she leaves for Montana on Monday. Great food, as usual, and we played a game called... hmm, Bananagrams? It was like speed Scrabble mixed with yelling out words that had something to do with bananas. It was fun. All in all a good, tiring day with friends and family. Woo hoo.

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