MotoGP 2010 - Laguna Seca: Race Day

We woke up around 6-ish basically so I could get to will-call and do all the crap I needed to do to get my forgotten ticket. It was a good idea to go early. There were no lines for anything and I got the stuff done that I needed to do quickly. Finding the ticket office in the bowl full of fog was a little difficult, but when it all came down to it, I was only parked 3 or 4 bikes down the line from Rob and Sean (meaning they were only a few minutes faster getting to parking). Sean and I used the Jesus Freak Helmet and Jacket check to store our stuff for the duration of the day. It's actually a great thing they do and if it takes Jesus to help them to do it, well... amen.

The aforementioned fog was tight around us and I thought it would end up being a pretty funny day if it stayed like this all through the races. Everyone watching would have to be pressed up against the fences to see anything. Yes, I posted this photo before, just a reminder.

Ducati Island in the fog

We walked around in the fog, looked at the moto schwag (Rob bought some nice new Alpine Stars gloves), ate Frog Dogs (basically a hot dog stuffed, pornographically, into a baguette), and took photos of the cool bikes, etc. Before we knew it, the AMA Sport bikes were taking their sighting and warm-up lap. Their morning warm-up was cancelled because of the fog, so we saw some tentative laps and some dainty runs through the corkscrew. Danny Eslick looks like he hasn't found the correct line here:

Once they got going, it was a really good race with Martin Cardinas winning after Ben Fong crashed out. The leader crashing out seemed to be the theme for the day.

Sport Bike race-winner Martin Cardinas on the 36 bike. Points leader Josh Herrin is directly behind him.

After the race we walked around some more and the sun started to come out. Luckily, Rob brought some sun block or this pink boy would have fried. As it goes, sitting in the sun all day, makes me feel sick. I kept looking for shade, probably being a whiney bitch about it, but uhg... California sun is brutal. You don't realize it because the temperature is so pleasant, small breezes keeping you cool, the sky so blue and cloudless (after the fog burns off) that it will disorient you if you stare into it too long. It was one of those days. Finally we climbed back up to the top of the corkscrew to watch the beginning of the MotoGP race. I was glad to see the AMA races, but I was hoping to see the 125's and Moto 2 from the MotoGP circuit. I had no idea they have a break while the big boys keep racing. I'll just have to make it to Catalunya next year. Who's going? We can watch Isle of Mann as well. Coverage for the Isle of Mann TT starts on August 23rd on HD Theater, by the way. Can't wait.

The race was a good one with Lorenzo winning. The Americans didn't make much noise except for Ben Spies right in the beginning of the race. He does seem to always start well, but then starts getting shuffled back. Maybe he'll get a few more podiums in the second half of the season.

I may be a bit motorcycled-out for the week, although yesterday I did go up in the twists. Still the most fun thing I'm doing right now. I had no traffic in front of me from San Gregorio General Store all the way back up to Alice's on 84 e. There is nothing better than that. Right at the top, where you can see the curves and the banked road laid out in front of you like all your favorite foods laid out on a table... It's a feast of fun. And watching those guys diving into the Corkscrew and riding the edges of their tires through those curves was amazing. I need leathers and a day at the track. Looks so fun.

Okay, next post will be about something other than motos. Can't promise anything about the one after that though.