Burnt Beams and Burritos

Got Rob and Sean to ride with me yesterday and we made it a multi-media event: stills, video and burritos. The video will come soon, but here are some stills from the day. Apologies to Sean because I didn't get one decent photo of him riding. One is included here but don't click on it, it becomes a blurry mess the bigger it is. Bleah. Taking photos is one way of finding out that your highbeams are burnt out too.

Sean kicking up some dust

Sean took this one, cuz yeah... it's of me.

Aforementioned blurry shot of Sean.

After the photo shoot and moto madness up Stage Road, we grabbed burritos at Tres Amigos in Half Moon Bay. The burritos were just oversized sleeping pills. I know I went home and passed out, I think Sean did the same, and I haven't even heard from Rob. He may be dead by burrito