MotoGP 2010 @ Laguna Seca: Post 7 and a Quarter

Next on the weekend's agenda was to head over to Cannery Row to check out all the bikes. Rob had left a bit earlier to change his oil and wash his bike while Sean and I basically passed out in the room for a while. Nothing makes me sleepier than a long moto ride in the fresh, cool air of the California coast... or it was the Gland Slam breakfast from Denny's. Either way, nappiness.

We rode over to Seaside to meet Rob at his high school home and then head to Cannery Row from there. I'm usually pretty good with directions and Google Maps. I had a spaz moment as I missed one turn and then couldn't figure out which way we were facing on the iPhone map. Rob, a 3gs veteran told us about double tapping the little locate me gps thingy to get the map to turn with the compass later. Sean figured it out this time and the 3 SV's were reunited again to head over to Cannery Row.

I won't say I was disappointed with the Cannery Row scene... wait. Yes, I will. That notion,even now that I ride a motorcycle, that I don't really like people who ride motorcycles, reared its head again. Why do moto riders... OH WAIT! Digression. I forgot. I also decided this weekend that I was going to refer to myself and anyone controlling a motorcycle as a motorcycle pilot. Rider sounds like you're not doing anything, just letting the moto do the work. This is true for anyone riding passenger, but the person driving? Definitely a pilot. Correct me if you hear me referring to motorcycle pilots any other way.

So, I don't really like motorcycle pilots. Most come across douchey. And the Cruisers and Sport Bike pilots are douchey in different ways, but they're still douchey. Which is odd because when I watch interviews with pro pilots, they seem so friendly and calm and collected. Even the fastest guy in the world, Jorge Lorenzo, comes across as a nice guy on twitter (@lorenzo99) and Rossi, last year's MotoGP Champion, seems like a fun and funny guy. Why do moto guys (moto girls do not have this problem) come across as pills?

This attitude spilled all over Cannery Row when the "rev your loud Harley pipes as loud as you can" contest started up. Retarded. Here are a few more of the photos from that night. A few of the bikes were pretty cool and/or funny. The pumpkin head bike was a good one.

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