Big, Fat Moto Post - Part II

As this week goes on, I see that this post will have at least one more part, probably two because MotoGP at Laguna Seca is this weekend and if you think I'm not posting photos of that, well... you don't know me very well then. Alex, Kate, Rob, and Sean will all be there. We'll probably find Brian. We have paddock passes so there will be many shots from there, etc. Just thought I'd prepare you.

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah. Just got my moto license and bought my bike. A side note, The Motorcycle Rider Safety Course is a huge recommendation from me. Apart from my aforementioned rider experiences, I had never piloted a motorcycle in my life until I took the course. They really gave me the perfect mix of confidence and fear to get excited about getting a bike and riding, but riding safely. I said I would be riding like and old man and for the first few months, I definitely did. By most standards, I still do.

My bike the day I bought it.

I clearly remember our first little group ride up to Alice's for breakfast. Alex was up front with Kate on the back of Alex's Dad's GSXR, Rob was behind him on his SV, then Sean, Me, and Ally was the safety guy at the back. Sean and I were nice and protected in the middle of the pack. I remember seeing the speed limit posted at 50 and me thinking, "They're fucking crazy if they think I'm going 50 down this twisty, bumpy road." Alex and Rob took off on Skyline when we were closing in on Alice's. I was busy pissing my pants hoping that Ally could somehow catch me when I went flying into oblivion off this crazy machine. It's bizarre how much I've come to love those roads.

Okay, some photos from the other day and some explanation.

All washed and pretty... from here at least.

I think the first thing I did to the bike was to eliminate the rear fender and change out the taillight and rear turn signals, to an integrated tail light from Clear Alternatives. I got the blue lens to match the bike and I think it looks pretty cool when the bike is turned off. The light goes red when the bike is on, of course. And I know the changes I did don't make the bike look so crazy different from the day I got it with almost all stock parts still on it even though it had gone through 3 owners before it got to me, but I'm all about the subtle differences. The tail light is one of my favorites because people are like, wait... what? That thing is blue. Here is a close up:

Yes, there is a bit of gap in there... What can you do when you're me?

I believe the next thing I did was change out the headlight to a pair of Dominator headlights, but this was a short lived mod. I didn't like the look with my instrument cluster AND I was clueless on what to do with all the extra wire that was stuffed into the original head light housing. Tried a hobby box from Radio Shack, but it just looked crap:

Taken with my 3g iPhone.

I just realized while looking at that photo that I had put my bar end mirrors on there as well by this time. With the lights on, it doesn't look too bad, but I couldn't handle that hobby box hanging down like a scrote. Nasty.

The next project was the exhaust. I bought the Stubby Delkevic. So did Rob. Still love this decision. It's just loud enough for me. It's not Harley, filling-rattlingly annoying. It's throaty and just loud enough so cars at least take a bit of a second look... At least that's what I'm telling myself. Maybe you need those crazy Harley pipes to be heard on the freeway. I don't know. I just know that I love the look and sound of this crazy inexpensive exhaust.

Some YouTube videos of the installation (Robs) and running exhaustless...

I think the last things I did were the handlebars, the Type 1's from Suburban Machinery, and the front turn signals, cheapy something somethings from some online place.

I also recently changed the headlight bulb to what is supposed to be "whiter" light. Not sure that's true.

With that last picture you're seeing one of the parts of my bike I'm less happy about, the rusty fork thing. There are a couple things on my bike I'd like to fix up, but I have no idea how. I tell myself these spots give the bike character, and in some places they do, but I'd rather change them than have more character. Here are some photos of the spots that I'm not very happy about. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Rust and general worn-out look. Blech.

The "beat-up" look of the lower forks. More bits of rust.

Oldy, worn-outness. Yes, those are technical terms.

And a couple parts of my bike that I really like. The first one is the yellow spring. I have no idea why I like this so much. Has something to do with that little blast of yellow deep inside the bike. Just a cool flash of another color. I know I like it enough that every time I wash my bike I try to get more and more of the grease that has collected over the years, off that spring.

I like how chunky and how like machinery this looks. Also the way the exhaust colors from the heat. Gorgeous.

I love, love, love the instrument cluster and I really like the color of my blue bike.

I remember the color of the bike being a huge stipulation for me when I was shopping Craig's List. I told Sean that it had to be blue or black. I'm glad I went blue. Okay, this is big enough for tonight. If you got through it, I'm impressed. You must like motorcycles and seeing what people do to them. There will be more to this Big, Fat Moto Post. As I said, MotoGP this weekend!!! You have no idea how excited I am about this this year. So much more into it than last year. I'm also ready for someone to buy me full leathers so I can ride Laguna Seca... or any freakin track. You can only go so fast through the populated roads of the twisties. Soon, I shall drag my knee... Soon.