Love is Chemicals

I've been wanting some new music. It's been a rough week and a particularly rough day yesterday so I wanted to ride my bicycle when I got home to get some of the bitterness out of my soul and listen to music really loud as I rode. I know, not so safe, but I have to say I love that when you have great headphones on and the music wraps its ribbons and layers of sound around your head until your brain is encased like a mummy, tightening and expanding all at the same time... Well, I couldn't find what I wanted with new music, but I knew the type of music. I wanted bands from when I michael's nervous was still going strong and we were playing with other SF bands and some of them were just awesome. I wanted guitars layered on top of one another. I wanted something that would build and build. I know I posted Morning Spy a week or two ago, but I just downloaded some old albums from them, as well as Love is Chemicals, another amazing band. From Morning Spy I downloaded The Silver Age and from Love is Chemicals I downloaded Song of the Summer Youth Brigade. I shuffled the two albums together for my ride and it was great! Here's Roads Lead Underground by Love is Chemicals. It starts off quiet, but keep going...


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