Peafowl and Chicken Strips

A bit of a moto post. After the big tire debacle I will almost say it was all worth it. But since I know I could have the same thing for less money... I can't fully commit to that statement. What I'm getting at is, the last two weekends have been phenomenal here as far as weather goes. And when the weather is good, the roads are dry. And when the roads are dry... I guess I just didn't realize how crap my tires were. I mean the front one looked bad, but until I had the rear one replaced I didn't see how worn down it was. The new tires have such deep, chunky grooves in them. The tread is so deep you can't really see the bottom of the grooves. I like the words grooves all of a sudden. Go ahead, say it out loud. I'll wait... Cool right? No, I'm not stoned. Just struck me.

So the first mission on new tires is to cook those chicken strips down. I had these wide swathes down the sides and it was just not cool with me. Haha. Do you know what chicken strips are when one is referring to moto tires? If you do, skip to the next paragraph: When you turn with a motorcycle you're doing more leaning then steering. As you lean over, you ride more on the sides of the tire than on the middle. The faster you go into a turn or twist, the farther you have to lean to turn the bike. Do you get it yet? So the faster you go, the farther you lean, the more wear on the sides of the tires. If you never really go fast enough to lean, you don't get any wear on the sides of the tire. Those unworn sides of your tire are called chicken strips because you're too chicken to go fast into turns, etc., etc. Now I know you get it.

So, with the road dry, new tires (that were so much stickier then the (what I now realize were balding) old tires), and a desire to get rid of the chicken strips, I was diving down into berms, and flipping the bike back and forth through all the crazy S's at the top of 84. I can't even explain any more how fun that is. Hopefully you understand that I really enjoy riding my motorcycle.

The whole point of this post is to share with you what I came across on Stage Road (Alex's favorite) in Pescadero. I'm riding along on this long straight and I see something in the road ahead. At first it looks like some triangular contraption, like a few two-by-fours nailed together to makes a triangle. But it must have moved slightly as I got closer because then I started to think that it was a dog just sitting in the road, their triangular sitting position... I literally had no idea what it was until I pulled up next to it, stopped my bike, and looked at it for a second while it looked warily back at me. A peacock in the middle of Pescadero. I kind of felt like I had ridden so fast and so far that I had crossed over into some other dimension. I started to remember a Stephen King short story called the Short Cut where a woman was obsessed with finding the shortest distance between two towns and she'd ride down these side roads and abandoned trails until she finally entered another dimension and would arrive at her location faster than you could even if you drove a straight line, the grill of her car covered with exotic roadkill and insane insect life. With the fluorescent greens and reds and translucent guts that get smeared across my helmet and chest, it feels a little like that, especially when you run into a peacock on the side of the road. Where are peacocks native to?

So that was a little piece of the weekend, and now here's a couple photos: