Connections lead to Peter Gabriel

A few weeks ago I asked Evan what were his favorite musical artists. He lists Peter Gabriel as one of them. I'm thinking In Your Eyes (still a great song), Sledgehammer, past his prime, etc. So I asked him if he had to choose artists that were still making music what would his list be. Gabriel is still on his list. Is he still making music? Where is it? What does it sound like? Seems like with a few exceptions (Paul Simon) artists keep trying to rewrite their hits and are afraid to try new stuff. I don't even know if this is the case with Peter Gabriel, I just haven't heard anything from him lately. To be fair, I haven't gone looking for him either.

Yesterday Jimmy tells me to listen to this band (artist?), Active Child. I like the songs but describe the singer's voice to sound like a cross between Justin Vernon, lead singer/songwriter/etc., of Bon Iver and Peter Gabriel. Jimmy quickly sends me 2 covers. Peter Gabriel covering Bon Iver and vice versa. Jimmy's opinion was "meh" which I would agree with on what Bon Iver did with Gabriel's song, "Come Talk to Me." It was okay. But then I listened to Gabriel covering "Flume," Bon Iver's song. Holy awesome! There were parts that literally gave me chills. Peter's still got it, at least covering someone else's music. I'll need Evan to burn some of his recent stuff for me... Or just "In Your Eyes" over and over again. Who doesn't like that song?

So here are two songs where Bon Iver and Peter Gabriel meet:

Active Child - Wilderness


Peter Gabriel covering Bon Iver's - Flume

And do me and yourself a favor here. Either turn your speakers way up for this next one or wrap your head in some cushy, comfy headphones and again, slam up the volume. In both scenarios you must close your eyes. That part MUST be done. Thanks Jimmy.