Blue Pills

They're just Claritin, but the little blue pills were catching the light in such a cool way. They look like little alien eggs or, because of the “C10” on them, a government podding or cloning experiment. They look very sci-fi which makes me feel like I’m taking some future drug or future meal. No more eating. Just pop this pill and you get all the nutrition and fiber you need. Take this pill and you can fly short distances. It’s the commuter’s choice for short burst flying. Just take one C10 and you’ll be at the office in no time. Or. Take this C10 and play football like the pros do. C10 instantly enhance your abilities to that of a pro football player of your choice. You can choose a player playing now or even from the past. Want Broadway Joe’s arm? Pop the C10 Joe Namath edition. You’ll be firing huge hail marys down field almost immediately.  Of course, your knees won’t be worth a shit.

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