Broken Bells and Shattered Dreams

Haven't put up any kind of music in a while so I thought I would share my current obsession. Broken Bells is on heavy rotation right now. See what's great about this album is it's the perfect next Shins album. I'm sure James Mercer wouldn't want to hear that (well, actually, why would he care if I said it, which I did, or typed it rather, so... what was I parenthetically saying?), but what I mean by that is... well, The Shins can definitely put out a great new album. They've proven that they aren't a one album wonder. Har. But I'm always gun-shy when it comes to this. "What are you talking about, David? Just say what you want to say. I can't handle the way you digress and then pretend to know what I'm thinking while I'm reading your stupid blog."

You know I hit the nail on the head there...

My last obsession was Frightened Rabbit, a great band and Midnight Organ Fight appeals to me on so many levels, but where it really kicks some ass is lyrically. As an example, I offer this tune by them, Fast Blood:


Some really bold, original lyrics there. But then their next album came out, The Winter of Mixed Drinks. I don't even like the title, but if it had been an amazing album I would probably not like it less. It was just too samey for me musically and not even close to matching Midnight Organ Fight lyrically. No, the album doesn't shatter my dreams, but it just seems like a lazy album. Anyway, I'd still see them live and just hope that they play most of their stuff off Organ Fight.

What does this have to do with Broken Bells? I just think that by working with Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) we get the greatness that is Mercer's songwriting with the rush of fresh air that Burton brings. I just don't want same samey from bands. It bores me. Even on one album I can get bored quick if there isn't some good change in the sound or instrumentation, the style, some jazzier, some metal-ier, some pop-ier, etc. I need that. There are, of course, exceptions to that rule o' mine, but at the moment I can't think of any. So go buy the self-titled Broken Bells album and Midnight Organ Fight from Frightened Rabbit. You'll dig 'em i promise. Here's The High Road to whet your appetite.