The Search for Yoda Under the Golden Gate

Todays quest started with trying to finish installing Sean's new "rear sets" (more of an extender to his existing rear sets) and his new shifter. He had finished most everything but was struggling to remove the circlet that held the shifter to the rear set. I have no idea what that previous sentence means... We've decided we're going to put out a series of videos of how we mod or repair our bikes as the worst, most unprepared, toolless mechanics ever. One stabbed finger (possibly tetanus) and four oily hands later, Sean got it all together and we started the ride by going to Mel's on Geary. After a classic American Graffiti lunch/dinner we decided to head in to the Presidio to find Yoda. Guess it was a George Lucas theme today.

We started under the Golden Gate at Fort Point. It was crowded with tourists and we decided to take some moto porn shots with the bridge as the background. Then we battled toward the heart of the Presidio. Our foes included a Prius driver unable to pass a bicyclist (maybe she was scared that if she pressed on the gas she would never stop), a gaggle of drunken (what looked like sorority) girls stumbling through crosswalks, and the fact that I had no idea where we were going and Sean had only an inkling. Sean prevailed in the end. We discovered Yoda in his bamboo grove silently keeping vigil over what has to be the most awesome place to work on the planet. Hire us George. Deliver us. Bring us home where we belong with a Yoda fountain, a life size Boba Fett and Indiana Jones cracking his whip in a 3 floor office window. We'll do anything...

The master