Insect Bullet Wound and Losing My Alien Blood

Hands down, best day for a moto ride this year was yesterday. When the sky is blue like that I always think of the Radiohead song, Palo Alto. Anyway, yes, I took off into the hills. Unlike last week, the roads had really dried out. Nothing but dry, grabby pavement reaching and pawing at my tires to keep me right in the pocket of all those tasty twisties. I hesitated in a few places wary of last week's surprise creeks sliding across the highway, but this week there were only the ones that are always there. Once I figured that out I got braver.

I took one of our standard routes, 92W to Skyline, to 84W, to Pescadero Creek Road, to 1N, back to 84E. The thing I did find myself dodging were all the bugs. I scraped guts off my faceshield about four times throughout the ride. It's a bit distracting when one slaps you right between the eyes, its innards adhering it to your helmet, while its little wings flap in the breeze like tiny, veined streamers. On one of the straightaways on Skyline, a large sucker was hovering in the middle of my lane. I saw it probably at 50 feet away, but there was no avoiding it. It nailed me right in the chest, or should I say I nailed it with my chest. It made a good "thwap" sound as it hit and I thought, "damn, that was big," but I didn't think of it again until I got to the Trading Post. I hopped off my bike, went in to pay for gas, got all the way back out to the pump when I noticed this fluorescent, orange goo spattered on my tank and down on to the frame. I finally looked down at chest. The guy at the register must have thought I was a hunted alien. It looked like I had been shot and was bleeding my alien blood all down my front. This is when I am amazed that guys ride around with just those little brain buckets on their heads. I mean, yes, from a safety point of view that doesn't seem smart, but from a bug spattering view, that just seems downright nasty. I guess a good source of protein.

So I rode all up in the hills, slid up the coast, dove back into the hills and headed home. Of course, I had to ride my bicycle when I got home. Here's some video and a great song to go with it. Hopefully YouTube has finished processing: