Chronicle of a Storm off the Pacific

Again, I know I have been complaining about the weather, but today was pretty cool. Had the day off so I could basically watch this storm come through San Mateo. I woke up around 8 thinking that the day was going to be pretty shot because of the storm. And let me back up a little right there...

Last night I got off work at 9. It was a beautiful night. The moon was an LED in the sky (motorcycle on the brain much?). And, thinking that I wouldn't be able to ride for a while with the impending forecast, I decided to take a long way home. Even just turning off Bayswater onto El Camino in Burlingame, I rolled on the throttle pretty good (well?) and was leaned way into the turn. There was spotty traffic that I slid through. I was river water washing over rocks as I flowed down to 92 and again tucked way into the spiral of the on ramp. It was gorgeous.

I've said this before. With my helmet strapped on, my armored jacked zipped up tight, I'm crouched over the gas tank with the lights of the gauges in my face, and as I slip though the gears on the freeway, I definitely feel like Iron Man. At night that effect is amplified just by the rocket red taillights of the other vehicles on the road, the moon, the bits of cloud turning orange from the reflections of the street lights below. All this to say it was a great idea to take that detour.

Okay, so I'm up this morning and it isn't raining yet. I figure I'll get a bike ride in, bicycle that is. Another great idea. Talk about your pregnant earth though. Everything is full out here right now. The hills are a deep green, flowers popping like firecrackers all over the place, the sky looked fat and full, and it was high tide. Winter high tides are insane. The slate colored water looks like it's bulging in the middle of the bay, like the moon isn't pulling on it, but is rather under the water, pushing. And I think I caught one of those Milky Way-like arms of the storm on film (err, I mean on flash card). So here are some of the sights and sounds of the day.

The first photo is looking north while the second is looking south. Isn't that cloud that stretches above one of those arms? I have no idea, but I'm going to believe that. If you know different, no need to tell me. I like my truth.

So you can see the sky was full, the bay was full, even the earth was juicy and full.

After I got home from my bike ride and was hanging my bike I get the signal the wind was picking up. A Samoan family lives beneath us and they have the coolest windchime that hangs off the floor of our deck above their patio. It's like the thatched roof of an island hut with different lengths of bamboo hanging down underneath that rattle together and sound like this:


About 5 minutes later everything lets loose. Since I'm still in active mode and want to supply up for a rainy weekend, I brave the sideways rain and head to Target for stuff, the main things being a movie and some Chips Ahoy. It has turned into a turn-your-umbrella-inside-out type of storm and by the time I run through parking lots and puddles and drive home, I'm pretty drenched and kind of beat. I had NPR on and Terry Gross was replaying her interview with Johnny Cash from 1997. When I got back to our place I sat and listened to Johnny and the rain beating on the tin roof of the carport. Here's that:


The rain somehow was falling against my window even though we have a good 6' eave out over our front deck. Notice how dark it is outside at this point.

So that lasted an hour or two and then the sun comes out and it's gorgeous. Even the flowers are weeping with joy. Shut up.

Right now, the sun is setting, the clouds are pink and purple and blue and there is just a nice breeze outside. I'm hoping that's it for a while. I really wanna ride the moto. To put this all in perspective though, I will leave this mult-media post with images my Mama sent me this morning of the storm on the East Coast. The first is a long exposure of the snow blowing off her roof last night.