I was playing my guitar this morning (stupid, dreaded 12-9 shift) and kind of put together a chord progression and a melody that I liked. I forget these things almost immediately so if I don't record them in some way, they're gone. And since my iPhone crapped out in the middle of the night (every time I tried to open an installed app it just immediately crashed), I had to go to the the MacBook Pro and GarageBand. Usually I'll set up my studio mic etc., but I just wanted to get this down. So this is a fast, make-up the lyrics as you go, recording through the MBP's internal mic. You can hear all the mistakes, me laughing about the mistakes, and even the ticking of the hard drive on this recording. Why would you want to hear all that? Schadenfreude? Or maybe you like the progression of things. I'll work on this song, actually write lyrics for it, record it properly and post it again. Maybe there will even be a difference in the two recordings.