Winter Skies and Hungarian Cookies

There was an odd, punch-drunk vibe at work all day today. You can verify that with Kayt. Maybe Tibor put some kind of Hungarian curse on the place for his last day. Don't know who Tibor is? Tibor is a 6'5" (maybe even 6'7") Hungarian, vegan, Buddhist who says he does a great Latka (Andy Kaufman on Taxi) impersonation, but really it's not an impersonation. It's just the way he speaks. I mean, yes, when he adopts the mannerisms, the folded hands, the wide, blinky eyes, it's almost eery, but the voice and accent are no stretch at all. He also occasionally sports this crazy, Morrisey (The Smiths) haircut which, instead of coming across as hip, just looks more odd. Come to think of it, he did bring some Hungarian chocolate and cookies for everyone, but the vibe had been building long before that stuff was broken out, spilled across our little break area, and devoured.

Anyway, weirdness and crappy food (Ham and Cheese quoissant for second breakfast, Starbucks for lunch, Tutti Melon, the aforementioned Hungarian (possibly laced) cookies and chocolates) all day pretty much made me feel nasty by the time I got home. I decided to ride the shit out of my bike. But on the way out the door I think, "You'll be pissed if you don't bring your camera and there is some cool shot to be had." So I went back for my camera.

I have been complaining that I'm ready for the weather to be done with the wetness so I can go up in the twisties and attack some curves on mi moto... But it is this weather that gives us the most amazing skies. Normally, out here in Cali, the skies are solid sheets of an amazing blue. I'm not bragging, just stating facts. But when you lack weather, you lack cool skies. Winter, of course, changes all that. Storm after storm slap the coast with their spirally, galactic arms and turn the land to mush and all the bad California drivers into accidents. I also feel that because the skies are bigger out here (compared to the jungly, fecund east coast) that when you throw clouds in them, the normal evening fog sitting on the hills, a sunset, you get some amazing stuff going on up there. All this to say yes, I should have gone back and got my camera, and did, but it does start interfering with your plans to ride the shit out of your bike. I kept stopping to take photos. Here are some...

I know in some earlier version of this blog I said I would stop taking photos of the moon. Come on, you can barely see it.